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Brown mushrooms
Vegetable stir fry
fried potatoes in a white plate
Erdbeeren zum Frühstück
fried potatoes in a white plate
Chillies And Chocolate
Vegetable stir fry
Turkish Bread And Dips
Brown mushrooms
Brown mushrooms
Vegetable stir fry
Students of science working in a laboratory
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Vegetable stir fry
Mixed Wrap Platter 3
Mixed Wrap Platter 4
fresh fruit salad in a glass
Gemüse anbraten
Students of science working in a laboratory
Mixed Wrap Platter 6
Hintergrund aus Karotten
fruit salad with cream
fresh fruit salad top view
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sliced loaf cake
fresh fruit salad
sliced banana
sliced loaf cake
Little girl giving an orange segment to her mother
Cute girl giving an orange segment to her mother
Young girl giving an orange segment to her mother
Little boy eating orange segments
Little boy raising an orange segment
Siblings raising a half orange in the kitchen
Bocconcini cheese
Tasty and appetizing hamburger on a darkly green
butterflies seamless pattern
Bunches of fresh herbs
Bocconcini cheese
Bunches of fresh herbs
Scissors closed and opened
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Bocconcini cheese
In Scheiben geschnittene Kiwi auf weissem Hintergrund
Cold cuts: charcuterie assortment on wooden board
Collection of fresh fruit and vegetable slices on white background. Orange, kiwi, carrot, apple, banana, pepper, potato, tomato and onion
smoked turkey slices naturally blended and cooked with olive oil
Thin slices of ham on a plate
The cut loaf of bread isolated on white
composition of cold cuts  on wooden board with different type of cheese
Wrapped sliced cheese isolated on white
Jamon  Slices of Bread with Spanish Serrano Ham over White
Sliced apple isolated on white
sliced green jalapeno peppers on white background
sliced bread isolated on white background
Sliced bread loaf on a white background
sliced carrots in bowl with parsley
orange isolated on white background
Empty plate with sliced vegetables around it
Tri-color sliced pepper on isolated white background
Sliced Tomatoes, Cucumber and Capsicum Salad served in a platter
Mix of divers fruit with honey
Bread Slice
several slices of whole grain bread over a white surface
sliced green olives on white background
Small pile of sliced green olives  isolated on the white background
sliced apples isolated on white background
Close-up of several blood oranges
Slices of grilled chicken breast fillet
slice of bread on white background
Thinly sliced ham on cutting board
sliced apple isolated on white background
Tomato slice isolated on white background
Dinning table set with glazed whole baked sliced ham, garnished with pomegranate, olives, and red pears
sliced bread isolated on white background
Half of ripe green apple isolated on white
Tomato slice isolated on white background, top view
sliced cheese on a white background
Glazed delicious whole baked honey sliced ham with figs, lemons and champagne grapes.
ripe orange cut into slices
Half of fresh kiwi isolated on white background
A loaf of baked white bread with golden crust
Sliced Tomato
smoked bacon isolated on white background
Set of sliced red, green, yellow bell pepper section pieces isolated over white background
Whole and Sliced Carrots Isolated on White Background
close up of sliced green chilies
bread and bakery products isolated on white background
freshly baked homemade tradtional hand sliced bread
close up of pineapple slice on white background
slice of orange closeup on white background
Whole wheat bread with seeds
Sliced ripe watermelon isolated on white background
Vegetarian sandwiches with egg spread, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots

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